New Jersey Gang Survey Viewer

Use this site to explore the New Jersey State Police Street Gang Survey 2007. Developed by five volunteers over a weekend with the help of New Jersey State Police analysts, this site hopes to provide a new look at street gang presence in New Jersey and to demonstrate the potential of collaboration between government agencies and citizen volunteers in building civic tools. This is a work in progress. We accomplished all we could in two days and hope to add more to the site leading up to the 2010 street gang survey release.

Gangs are reported present in dozens of rural and suburban municipalities throughout the state. Almost seven out of every ten New Jerseyans live in a municipality where gangs can be found. Clearly, gangs can not be considered an exclusively urban phenomenon in any part of New Jersey.

Overall Statistics

315 municipalities reported no gang activity
48 municipalities reported just one gang
199 municipalities reported two or more gangs

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