New Jersey Gang Survey Viewer

Jackson Township, Ocean County


Gangs: 4 worse than 80% of all municipalities
School Incidents: no of municipalities reporting gang activity
Homicides: None of municipalities reporting gang activity
Crime Conflict Score: worse than 45% of municipalities reporting gang activity
Most Recruiting Gang: Bloods
Most Problematic Gang: Bloods


The following street gangs are found here:

“School Incidents” indicates the number of gang-related incidents on school property in the 12 months preceding the survey. Although schools are required to report delinquent activity occurring on school grounds, school officials may not always be aware of gang involvement in these activities. “Homicides” is the number of homicides involving gang members in the preceding 12 months of the survey. “Crime Conflict Score” is a measure of how often gangs in this municipality commit the same types of crimes and might indicate a potential for inter-gang conflict. The survey questionnaire did not supply a standard criterion for what constituted a “most serious problem”. In answering this question, each municipality applied its own subjective criteria.

Jackson Township, Ocean County